We know how important it is to connect with fans and think there is no better way than to be in a room with them playing the music you’ve chosen to create. Live performance is your chance to show fans what you’re made of and continually fight to make them believe in you​. With our help, you can be playing across town to different audiences, through the region refining your act or maybe even touring the nation like a big shot. When it’s time to hit the road, we help book and promote your tour to make it the best success it can be. Chances are one of us can even come along to manage the tour, help in promotions and work your merch-table so you can spend more time rocking out and connecting with new fans. We’ll handle booking shows, radio interviews and appearances, mapping, accommodations: ​the works.  We’re all a little bit crazy and this is the stuff we live for so buckle up and let’s hit the road.


Already have a space set and want to make the show a success? Native Sound Co can help you make it happen. We handle everything: designing posters and ads, providing sound and lighting systems, even hiring everyone from the sound guy to the security detail. You’ve already put in the hard work of creating a killer show, we’ll help ensure you have the best turnout possible.

Equipment Rental

Simply put- sometimes, you need things. We’ve spent a lot of time and money amassing a great system but sadly, it doesn’t get used everyday.  Whether you’re looking to rent our full sound system for a corporate event or you just need a couple speakers with an iPod connection for a backyard party, we’ve got you covered!

Native Sound Stage

We’re lucky enough to say we have a space of our own (at least 4 nights a year thanks to our friends at Urban Art.) Native Soundstage started as a way for us to learn and grow. By hosting events from the ground up, we learned every aspect of putting on concerts.
We’ve had a great time organizing it and apparently so have a lot of other people involved. Due to the nature of outdoor spaces close to residences, we can only host 4 events annually so we’re working to put on shows that can’t be missed. Have an idea for a killer blowout? Hit us up and we’ll se what we can do to make it happen.
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